Ewen Lescop(雷爱文)

CNRS Research Associate CR1 (ORCID, ResearchGate)

- Research

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) spectroscopy provides a wealth of information about the structure and dynamics of biomolecules in solution as well as of their complexes. As such, it highly contributes to our understanding of the molecular mechanisms that underly life. Such knowledge is fundamental not only for the general quest for a better understanding of nature but is also required for rational approaches in health or agronomy industry.

My research interests lie in the development of NMR methods, in particular to speed up NMR data collection and the application of NMR to understand the role of interdomain dynamics in the catalytic cycle of the human CPR, the role of heme orientation in the function of the hexacoordinated human neuroglobin and the structural and dynamics study of microcins.

- Five main publications (complete list)

[1] Frances, O., Fatemi, F., Pompon, D., Guittet, E., Sizun, C., Perez, J., Lescop, E., and Truan, G. (2015), Biophys J 108, 1527-1536.

[2] Assrir, N., Richez, C., Durand, P., Guittet, E., Badet, B., Lescop, E., and Badet-Denisot, M. A. (2014), Biochimie 97, 39-48.

[3] Bocahut, A., Derrien, V., Bernad, S., Sebban, P., Sacquin-Mora, S., Guittet, E., and Lescop, E. (2013), J Biol Inorg Chem 18, 111-122.

[4] Vincent, B., Morellet, N., Fatemi, F., Aigrain, L., Truan, G., Guittet, E., and Lescop, E. (2012), J Mol Biol 420, 296-309.

[5] Brutscher, B., and Lescop, E. (2012), Methods Mol Biol 831, 407-428.

- Grants : ANR Ghredyn (with JL Banères, L. Catoire) , Erbb2Cter (with C. van Heijenoort), Midiazone (with C. bouton).

- Collaborations : C. Bouton, MP. Golinelli-Cohen, JC Drapier (MitoNEET, ICSN), Y. Li, S. Zirah, S. Rebuffat (microcins, MNHN, Paris), L. Catoire (IBPC), ...

- Teaching

since 2009 : Master Engineering and Chemistry of Biomolecules of Paris-Saclay University

since 2009 : Coordinator of the Gif-node for NMR practical wokshop Gigrill

since 2013 : Coorganizer of the Renafobis workshop Ecole d’Oléron

2010 : UNESCO Chair Ramallah (Palestine)

- Miscellaneous

Elected member of the CNRS Comité National (section 16, 2012-2016)

Active member of the Renafobis network for Integrative Structural Biology