Dr.Tang Chun attended the 2015 LCLS/SSRL Users' meeting

  • Posted on: 10 October 2015
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)

The annual LCLS/SSRL Users' Conference is a unique opportunity to gather together the lightsource community in 
a single scientific event that includes numerous presentations in plenary, poster and parallel sessions. Participants
be able to learn about current/future facility capabilities and the latest user research results as well as to discuss
science with colleagues from academia, research laboratories, and industry worldwide. 

SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
2575 Sand Hill Road,Menlo Park,CA,USA
October 7-10,2015

Workshop Summaries & Programs:

DAY 1 - TUESDAY, OCTOBER 6 - 12:45-7:30 pm at the ALS/LBNL, Berkeley, CA

DAY 2 - WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 7 - 8:00 am-5:00 pm at SLAC Building 040 Sycamore Coference Room, Menlo Park, C
Linking Structure and Dynamics - Part I
8:30-9:00  Ruby Law, Monash University - Studies on plasminogen conformational change and activation using xray              crystallography and small angle xray scattering
9:00-9:30 Jose de Perada, Univ. Salamanca - Analysis of multidomain structures combining Xray crystallography, double electronelectron resonance, and small angle Xray scattering
9:30-9:45 Merritt Maduke, Stanford University -  A multi methodological approach uncovers a previously undetected conformational change in CLC Cl-/H+ antiporters
9:45-9:30  AJ Venkatakrishnan, Stanford University -  Mechanistic insights into activation of G protein-coupled receptors
10:00-10:30 Coffee Break
Linking Structure and Dynamics - Part II
10:30-11:00  James Fraser, UCSF - Some like it hot: Protein Ensembles from Xray Crystallography  
11:00-11:30 Chun Tang, HHMI/Chinese Academy of Sciences - Visualizing macromolecular dynamics using solution based techniques
11:30-12:00 Scott Horowitz, HHMI/Univ. Michigan - Using Residual Electron and Anomalous Density (READ) to Examine Heterogeneous and Dynamic Protein Complexes
12:00-1:15 Lunch Break (Pick up lunch on ROB Patio - Wear your nametag please)
Hybrid Methods at LCLS/LCLS II
1:15-1:45 Junko Yano, LBNL
1:45-2:15 Bob Schoenlein, LCLS - LCLSII instrumentation and science opportunities -- Discussion
2:15 Break - See parallel options below:

2:30 SSRL UV-Vis Microspectrometer Demonstration/Workshop (Instructors:  Vivian Stojanoff, Elena Kovaleva, Aina Cohen)

2:30 SUSB Dedication/Tour/Refreshments on SUSB 2nd Floor Patio
New Technologies:  Fluctuation X-ray Scattering, Electron Microscopy, Second Harmonic Generation - Part II
4:00-4:30 Peter Zwart, LBNL
4:30-5:00 Georgios Skiniotis, Univ. Michigan
5:00 pm Bus leaves from SLAC SUSB Building 053. Contact ALS or SSRL/LCLS Users Office for SLAC/LBNL shuttle bus details

Link: https://conf-slac.stanford.edu/ssrl-lcls-2015/