Huawei Yi

I’m Huawei Yi, born in 1991 in Jingzhou city, Hubei Province, and I come from College of Life Sciences Wuhan University, My major was microbiology, and I will receive my master's degree in June 2017. Before Master, I graduated from Wuhan University of Technology and majored in Biotechnology. I have participated in the doctor entrance examination in March 2017 and successfully passed the reexamine later, I will officially enter Tanglab in September of this year. In the master's period, our laboratory mainly study proteases, I am familiar with gene cloning, SDS-PAGE, expression and purification of protein, biochemical properties of protease, etc. In the aspect of protein structure, we do not have a deep study, and only have some knowledge in properties of amino acids, three-dimensional structure simulation of proteins, and using Pymol and other softwares to view structural information of proteins. Finally, I hope I can integrate into the Tanglab family as soon as possible.